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One option is to book either the whole space comprising the Long Gallery, the Checkers and the Lower Hall along with exclusive access to the South Garden. Alternatively you can book just the Lower Hall with exclusive access to the South Garden, The former option is often used for more formal occasions featuring a meal followed by dancing. The latter option is commonly selected for a more informal party.

When booked for an exhibition or perfromance, the ability to configure different spaces, and size the layout to the event makes these spaces highly flexible.

Whole day and morning/afternoon evening slots are available to be booked.

Please note that the maximum occupancy is 100 in total. This includes any contractors, kids and unexpected guests.

Pricing is based on the spaces and times booked. Full details are available here.

You can select multiple days by clicking on multiple dates. Dates in RED are partially or wholly booked. Dates in LIGHT GREY are available to be booked. Selected days can be un-selected by clicking on them again. If a day is already partially booked, only the available time slots are shown. Multiple day bookings must be for the same time slot. If you need to book different time slots on different days you will need to make separate bookings. Our bookings administrator will pull them together and they will be managed and invoiced as one item.

Also before booking please check that the Unicorn Theatre isn’t booked for an evening event on any of your proposed days as there may be a clash over toilet access.

If this is daunting then please just go ahead and book the core days that you need and add a note for the bookings administrator to explain what you want to achieve and we’ll sort it out.

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