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Booking the Unicorn can be a bit of a procedure because of all the options we have to cater for. For instance if you want to book a load-in day, two days of rehearsals, four days of performance, and a load-out day this will actually require four separate bookings.

If this is daunting then please just go ahead and book the core days that you need and add a note for the bookings administrator to explain what you want to achieve and we’ll sort it out.

Rehearsal and performance days should be booked as whole days (09:00 to 23:00) as we assume sets have been built and the theatre will therefore not be available for any other hire on those days. Full details of our pricing can be seen here.

Also before booking please check that the Long Gallery isn’t booked for an evening event on any of your proposed performance days as there may be a clash over toilet access.

You can select multiple days by clicking on multiple dates. Dates in RED are partially or wholly booked. Dates in LIGHT GREY are available to be booked. Selected days can be un-selected by clicking on them again.

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