Abingdon Abbey Buildings

Galleries Pricing

Your charge to hire the Galleries will comprise a number of discrete costs:-

Booking Fee

All bookings will incur a £50 inc. VAT non-refundable booking fee. Your reservation is considered pending until such time as the booking fee is received.

Period Rental

Rental charges are based on the space and time periods selected. Details are shown in the table below.

Time PeriodSpaceRental Fee (inc VAT)
09:00-23:00Whole Space£300
Lower Hall Only£200
09:00-17:00Whole Space£200
Lower Hall Only£140
09:00 -13:00Whole Space£100
Lower Hall Only£75
13:30-17:00Whole Space£100
Lower Hall Only£75
17:30 – 23:00Whole Space£100
Lower Hall Only£75

Other Charges

If you are holding a public performance that involves the playing of live or recorded music you will have to pay the relevant license charges from PRS/PPL This does NOT include private celebrations, parties or weddings which are free of charge.

We currently hold generic annual licenses for Background Music for Theatres (PPLPP031) and the Amateur Theatrical Performances Tariff (PPLPP031). We recover the cost of these licenses through our rental charges.

PRS/PPL have been changing the way they charge for music. Most performances that include music will incur either a “LP Popular music concerts”, a “LC Classical music concerts & recitals” or a “CB Community buildings” charge. These are mostly based on a percentage of the income derived from the performance. You are required to disclose the information we need to make a PRS/PPL return, and we will bill you for the fees at cost after the event. For more on PRS/PPL please see:- https://pplprs.co.uk/business/other/.


It is a condition of booking that Organisations including drama clubs, societies, social groups, companies and public sector bodies have public liability insurance cover to a minimum of £2 million. You will be required to confirm that you have public liability insurance and a current copy has been given to the Buildings Manager.

Hirers for private, one-off events such as a party, wake or wedding are strongly recommended to have public liability cover The Trust is insured only for their own liability in respect of the hire of the buildings to third parties and this cover cannot be transferred to the Hirer. The Trust is not liable for the death injury damage or loss of whatever nature caused by or suffered by the Hirer, their servants, guests, agents, and those persons it causes and permits to come onto the premises and resulting from the Hirer’s actions or omissions. You are strongly recommended to effect suitable insurance appropriate for your event.