The Dark Room at the Unicorn Theatre – 16th October 2021

The Dark Room at the Unicorn Theatre – 16th October 2021

4,000,000 YouTube hits and counting… a spin-off videogame… 250,000 audience members streaming online via Twitch… 3,000 screaming people in one theatre… over 400 live performances around the world…



Originally an interactive YouTube series, The Dark Room went viral in 2012, with 4,000,000 hits. It appeared on NPR, in Variety magazine, the Washington Post, L’oiel du Links (Canal+) and was nominated
for’s Best of Casual Games 2012.

“This is the future of gaming” – Ron Gilbert, creator of The Secret of Monkey Island.

“I just want to punch this guy in the face!” – unnamed US News Anchor.

In August 2012, The Dark Room debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival.
Combining a screen, $5 of electronics, an innovative multimedia rig and John Robertson’s manic flair for improvisation and abuse, it was THE cult hit of the Fringe, creating an exhilarating, incredible world of fun, fear, nostalgia and terrible prizes.

This is a live comedy the whole audience doesn’t just watch… it plays!

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